Seagull Fishing at Black Hills

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I went seagull fishing from the shore at Black Hills the other day. I mainly threw a hookless 7" Senko as far out on the ice as I could. Fishing was slow. After a couple hours of skillfully working my senko over the ice, (last statement filled with artist's license, was only a few minutes), regardless, two seagulls landed about 10 feet from the Senko and carefully walked over to it. When I moved it, they flew and squawked, but came back. This went on for several minutes. Finally, one of them walked over and picked it up and flew off with it. The seagull got about five feet off the ground when the line went tight and the senko jerked free. The seagull screeched and both took to the air, landing about a hundred feet away. They stayed there watching the senko for a while and then flew away. Didn't get any bites after that. Slow day.

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I did the same thing but replace the location with "my back yard, under the bird feeders", "ice" with "grass", "seagulls" with "squirrels" and "senko" with "a rogue plastic worm found at the bottom of my tackle bag". Same result.